NOTE: As of January 2019 the Green Materials Laboratory will move to the School of Materials at the University of Manchester. We are excited about the new opportunities to work within the School and the Henry Royce Institute to push forward sustainable polymers and functional materials. Led by Prof. Michael Shaver, Chancellor’s Fellow, the team works to develop improved catalysts, processes and polymers that are sustainable both economically and environmentally. This is captured in our Tree of Awesomeness which looks at our diverse inputs and outputs while reminding us that it is all above the process – the sustainability of the transformation of one thing into another.

Feel free to explore! You can find more details about our research efforts, our research outputs, our team and how to join (and start drinking the Kool Aid) above or check out our blog posts for an insight into our group (including links to Mike’s TEDx talk and comedy routine in the YouTube page). Recent posts and tweets are shown to the right and the wonderful people who work in the group are shown below.


Group Photo 22nd May 2018.

Missing: Jake, Laura and Hannah!