Genny’s Visit

A welcome is in order to Genny Keefe who will arrive in Edinburgh this evening. Genny is currently part of Team Canada, completing her Honour’s project at the University of Prince Edward Island working on the synthesis of new monomers for ring-opening polymerization. She’s coming over to Edinburgh to work out a few of the kinks in her project, have some in-depth scientific discussions about the progress of the work, and (maybe, time permitting) have a bit of fun in the UK.

Fun IS in order. The trip coincides with our group Christmas party (joint with Team Stephen Thomas), Genny’s birthday (December 12th) and Horrible Boss Shaver’s birthday (December 15th)!

Genny likes the Green Materials Laboratory so much that she’s actually decided to transition to Team Edinburgh full-time and will start a PhD here in September 2013 – so look out for a SECOND welcome post then!

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