Green Materials

Green Materials

One of my duties that extends beyond the GML is my role as Editor-in-Chief of the new journal Green Materials. This is a pretty unique journal publishing key scientific and engineering advances extending from renewable polymers to green materials processing to new biodegradable materials. I’m supported in this role by an excellent Editorial Board including leading scientists like Chris Ober, Geoff Coates, Andrew Dove and Jaime Grunlan amongst many others. Green Materials had a big presence at the recent American Chemical Society conference in New Orleans. I saw (and presented!) lots of fantastic talks on Green Materials, and our journal sponsored the POLY/PMSE poster session. Several members of our team took a quick break for this photo-op. Pictured (from L to R) are editorial board members Jaime Grunlan (Texas A&M) and John Gavenosis (DuPont), the dorky Editor-in-Chief (that’s me!) and our publishing team Sohini Banerjee and Victoria Rae from ICE Science.

Check out the journal now! Online access is FREE for 2013!

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