More Kool-Aid Drinkers!

The air in Edinburgh is crisp and clean, jackets are being zipped up and the winds of change blow. Seasons always lend themselves to overly dramatic statements, as do new arrivals. This September marks a major change in the Green Materials Laboratory, with a full six new starters joining our team.

PhD-1. Genny Keefe has arrived from Canada. She worked in the Canadian arm of the GML for several years as an undergraduate and has now started her PhD supported by an NSERC scholarship. She’ll be working on anti-microbial polymers.

PhD-2. Fern Sinclair has stayed on after an undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh with a prestigious Principal’s Scholarship. She’s working on polymer functionalisation (pre and post!).

PhD-3. Emily MacDonald joins us after an undergraduate degree at the University of Manchester. She’ll be looking at some phosphorus-containing polymers of commercial importance.

PhD-4. Kailong (Kevin) Zhu has come all the way from China to join our team. He’s the lucky one, though, with THREE supervisors (myself, Stephen Thomas and Jason Love) helping him with his work on carbon dioxide catalysis.

PhD-5. David Ferrier is (gasp) an Engineer supervised by Philip Hands in the School of Engineering. He’s working with us on some novel swellable polymers for sensing applications.

MSc-1. Finally, Shuyu (Echo) Yang has also come to us from China and will look at epoxidised soybean oils.

Thanks so much to everyone who decided to join our team! Now get in the lab and make some magic happen! And have fun!

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