September Renewal

September always brings new things, but it is especially true this year. I’ve taken over the role of Head of Graduate School for the University of Edinburgh School of Chemistry, I’m now in charge of the 3rd Year Inorganic Programme, and my lab continues to grow. This September we’ve had two new starters join the team.

Stefan Cairns joins us after completing his undergraduate degree at University College Dublin. He’s Irish and is exploring both new monomers and new catalysts for the preparation of biodegradable polymers.

Dr Ben Lake joins us after completing his PhD at the University of Leeds. He is working on an EPSRC-funded project on Fe and Ti mediated controlled radical polymerisation. His expertise in inorganic coordination chemistry will serve him well on this applied project.

The “People” pages should be updated soon with photos of the new lab faces, but in the meantime:

(1) Welcome!

(2) Have fun!

(3) Get to work!

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