New PhD Studentship!

We have a new PhD studentship available for a 1 September 2016 start. Details below!


Self-assembling polymers and peptides for hydroxyapatite mineralisation

Project Aim: To design self-assembling polymers and small molecules that control the nucleation and growth of hydroxyapatite crystals in the oral environment.

This collaborative project with Glaxo-Smith Klein will explore polymer design to control self-assembly in oral environments. The project will focus on polymer and small molecule gelator synthesis, characterisation and an exploration of crystal nucleation. Building from internal expertise in polymer synthesis, the studentship will synthesise block copolymers by both controlled radical polymerisation (ATRP, RAFT) and ring-opening polymerisation techniques to build novel architectures that self assemble into both random hydrogel networks and more regular structures. We will explore this self assembly using various electron microscopy techniques including cryo-TEM, resolving both the initial structures and the structures under stress, strain and changing environmental conditions. The goal is to design systems that intelligently nucleate hydroxyapatite growth to improve oral health care. The project is actively supported by Glaxo-Smith Klein so students will have the opportunity to gain an exceptional research experience and integrate into a global industrial leader in personal health care.

This project is a 3-year PhD studentship, supporting all tuition and fees and a generous stipend at current EPSRC levels. It is supported by joint funding from the School of Chemistry and GSK. The ideal PhD candidate will be a recent or upcoming graduate with a strong interest and/or experience in polymer chemistry, hydrogels or electron microscopy and a willingness to learn in a multi-disciplinary environment. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to work well in a team, excellent oral and written communication skills and a inherent desire to learn and strive to develop as a scientist and leader. The position will be based in the EaStCHEM School of Chemistry in Edinburgh.

For further details, send a CV and the names of two references to Mike at

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