Another New PhD Studentship!

We’re also seeking another student to start in September to work on a project with Stephen Thomas. The project seeks to exploit our mechanistic understanding of controlled radical polymerisation for a new generation of catalytic organic methodologies.

Project Aim: To develop earth abundant metal catalysis (Fe, Cu, Ti) for new synthetic organic transformations using inspiration from controlled radical polymerisations. Typical development of homogeneous catalysis is a laborious process with significant effort placed on optimising reaction conditions, catalyst loadings and ligand design. We look to circumvent these challenges by drawing inspiration from well-understood polymerisation literature to pursue homogeneous small molecule catalytic transformations that exploit the tuneable single-electron transfer chemistry of copper, iron and titanium.

This project is a 3-year PhD studentship, supporting all tuition and fees and a generous stipend at current EPSRC levels. The project follows on from a productive collaboration between our research groups at the University of Edinburgh (Chemical Science, 2016; Chem. Asian J., 2016; Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2015). The candidate must satisfy EPSRC studentship eligibility requirements, having settled status in the UK and having been ‘ordinarily resident’ in the UK for 3 years prior to the start of the studentship. The ideal PhD candidate will be a recent or upcoming graduate with a strong interest in synthetic organic chemistry and/or coordination chemistry and catalyst design and a willingness to learn in a multi-disciplinary environment. The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to work well in a team, excellent oral and written communication skills and an inherent desire to learn and strive to develop as a scientist and leader. The position is in the EaStCHEM School of Chemistry in Edinburgh.

For further details, please contact Stephen Thomas at or Michael Shaver at or visit our group websites ( and for a sense of the diverse projects the groups are engaging in. To apply please send your CV along with the names and contact details of two referees to the above email address.

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