GML joins EPSRC RE3 project- Rethinking Resources and Recycling

Manchester is at the heart of the UK’s shift to a sustainable plastic society. Greater Manchester plans to minimise single-use plastics by 2020, providing a leading example to the rest of the UK, where a 2042 target has been set by the government for elimination of avoidable plastic waste. It is essential that we realise that often plastic is the best material for the job – from both an energy and a property perspective – and thus it is about intelligent choices of how we reuse, recycle and degrade these materials that underpins progress. Following our move to the University of Manchester, the Green Materials Laboratory are excited to be collaborating on the EPSRC funded RE3 project, with the aim of addressing plastic waste stream and supply chain challenges in the UK.

This interdisciplinary project seeks to target both the technological and societal sides of the 5 million tonnes of plastic waste being generated in the UK annually. A consortium has been formed of manufacturing, social, and material scientists, as well as several other academic and industrial partners, to provide practical solutions and thought leadership in valorising these plastic waste streams and creating sustainable business models. The project also aims to enable development of new degradable polymers to reduce our current reliance on single-use plastics from non-renewable feedstocks. Collaborating in this consortium allows us the unique opportunity to couple our expertise with that of other academics at the University of Manchester, as well as both industrial and local authority partners. We appreciate the new perspectives on what is a massive global challenge!

For more information, check out the link here…. RE3 – Rethinking Resources and Recycling

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