Alicyclic Polyesters from a Bicyclic 1,3-dioxane-4-one

Congrats to Yuechao, Theona and Mitch on their new Polymer Chemistry paper! This work builds on the group’s previous report on polymerisation of DOX monomers, extending it to the incorporation of alicyclic ring connectivity through ring-opening of a bicyclic monomer- cPeDOX.

Polymerisation to the desired poly(cPeDOX) can be achieved using diethyl zinc, reaching conversions of 99% in 18 hours, although the effects of the previously reported Tishchenko reaction were observed. Copolymerisation of cPeDOX is also possible with more reactive cyclic esters, rac-lactide and caprolactone were employed as comonomers using either aluminium salen or diethyl zinc catalysts. Use of these comonomers also gives significant improvements in conversion for polymerisation of our previously reported PhDOX system.

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