Welcome to Paniz and Tatjana…

Two more inductees in our quest to take over the world with green plastic, public engagement and good beer: Paniz Pahalvanlu has joined us for the summer from the University of British Columbia (Canada). She’s working with Genny on some poly(depsipeptoid)s. Tatjana Daenzer has joined us as an Erasmus student from the University of Mainz (Germany). She’s working with Fern on derivatising some of Holger Frey’s intriguing junction-functionalised block copolymers. Welcome!

A Full Paper on Iron

Macromolecules paper published!

Congratulations to Laura and Jarret: Their full paper in Macromolecules has now been published. This paper expands our recent work on iron-mediated controlled radical polymerisation and raises some particularly interesting mechanistic questions. These catalysts are among the fastest and best controlled iron-based systems for ATRP. If you’d like to use them in your own research, we’re always happy to collaborate – let us know if you’d like a sample!