Further Congratulations to Jarret!

As well as obtaining his PhD and finding an awesome Post-Doc position, Jarret also found time to get two snazzy papers published: Living and immortal polymerization of seven and six membered lactones to high molecular weights with aluminum salen and salan catalysts An aromatic:aliphatic polyester prepared via ring-opening polymerisation and its remarkably selective and cyclableContinue reading “Further Congratulations to Jarret!”

Pretending to be an Organic Chemist

I love the diversity of people I can collaborate with at the University of Edinburgh. People do all kinds of neat stuff. One person who is particularly fun to collaborate with is Steve Thomas. We co-supervise a student together – and that student has just done a great thing… Get me to publish a paper in anContinue reading “Pretending to be an Organic Chemist”

Two New Book Chapters and One New Review

I think the process of writing a review is one of the most important for developing new ideas. It gives you a holistic view of a field, allows easy access to the nooks, crannies and interrelationships that create the platform for interesting future efforts. With that in mind… Be on the lookout for our latestContinue reading “Two New Book Chapters and One New Review”