Genny and Canadian Chemistry

Congratulations to Genny Keefe (Team Canada, soon to be Team Edinburgh) and our collaborators from Dalhousie University (Jean-d’Amour and Bruce). Our paper has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. Two quick thoughts: (1) This is Genny’s first paper and captures work she did in between the 2nd and 3rd year ofContinue reading “Genny and Canadian Chemistry”

Mitch Hates Vanadium

Congratulations to former Team Canada member Mitch Perry. His manuscript was just accepted into Dalton Transactions and will be published in a special issue on metal mediated polymerization reactions. This paper captures most of his MSc thesis on vanadium mediated radical polymerization using a whole whack-load of vanadium complexes, ensuring that Mitch never wants to workContinue reading “Mitch Hates Vanadium”