Welcome to Paniz and Tatjana…

Two more inductees in our quest to take over the world with green plastic, public engagement and good beer: Paniz Pahalvanlu has joined us for the summer from the University of British Columbia (Canada). She’s working with Genny on some poly(depsipeptoid)s. Tatjana Daenzer has joined us as an Erasmus student from the University of MainzContinue reading “Welcome to Paniz and Tatjana…”

More Kool-Aid Drinkers!

The air in Edinburgh is crisp and clean, jackets are being zipped up and the winds of change blow. Seasons always lend themselves to overly dramatic statements, as do new arrivals. This September marks a major change in the Green Materials Laboratory, with a full six new starters joining our team. PhD-1. Genny Keefe hasContinue reading “More Kool-Aid Drinkers!”

Welcome to Love Chao

Chao Wei has joined our group for the next few months as a Masters project student. He’ll be working on expanding the monomer scope of our iron amine bis(phenolate) catalysts active in ATRP/OMRP. Chao is super keen to learn every detail of controlled radical polymerisation and has already gained quite a few nicknames after onlyContinue reading “Welcome to Love Chao”

A new web presence for our new home!

Science is challenging, exhilarating, time-consuming and disruptive. So is moving across the Atlantic. Dr. Shaver’s Green Materials Laboratory is transitioning from its previous home in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Prince Edward Island to its new home in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. A new lab, new colleagues,Continue reading “A new web presence for our new home!”