RE3 – Rethinking Resources and Recycling

The UK’s new waste strategy includes £8M of funding from the EPSRC Plastics and Research Innovation Fund to develop innovative new materials and recycling methodologies. 8 unique projects are taking place at top-tier UK universities to address the most pressing concerns surrounding the plastic waste problems facing the country.

One of these projects is Rethinking Resources and Recycling (RE3), a multi-disciplinary collaboration between leaders in industry, government and academia at the University of Manchester. The project targets both the technological and societal contributions to the 5 million tonnes of plastic waste being generated in the UK annually. RE3 brings together leaders from Materials (Prof Michael Shaver), Social Science (Prof Frank Boons) and Manufacturing (Prof Paul Mativenga), as well as industry leaders, to develop and execute holistic, homogenised solutions to plastic waste.

EPSRC RE3 Project

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