Helen Holmes, University of Manchester

Maria Sharmina, University of Manchester

Adisa Azapagic, University of Manchester

Arthur Garforth, University of Manchester

Frank Boons, University of Manchester

Ahu Gumrah Parry, University of Manchester – Sustainable Materials Innovation Hub

Anthony Green, University of Manchester

Jennifer Garden, University of Edinburgh

Andrew Dove, University of Birmingham

Russell Taylor, University of Durham

Joëlle Prunet, University of Glasgow

Rinaldo Poli, Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination

Yasuhiro Kohsaka, Shinshu University

Tim Storr, Simon Fraser University

Frederick Wurm, University of Mainz

Michael Buback, University of Göttingen

Polly Arnold, Berkeley

Want to collaborate? Contact Prof. Shaver. We’re always willing to screen catalysts, provide expertise and expand our horizons.

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