Stephen Thomas, University of Edinburgh: We collaborate on everything iron, trading ligands, complexes and ideas to advance both small molecule and big molecule transformations. Visit Steve’s group.

Phil Hands, University of Edinburgh: Based in the School of Engineering, Phil applies our polymers to novel problems in the fields of sensors, liquid crystals and high refractive index materials. Phil will have a website soon, I’m sure.

Fabio Nudelman, University of Edinburgh: Fabio holds expertise in biogenic minerals and cryo-electron microscopy, which we are using to analyse polymer morphology and self-assembly.  Visit Fabio’s site.

Vasileios Koutsos, University of Edinburgh: Vasileios works with AFM to examine the interface between polymers and surfaces. Visit Vasileios’ site.

Joëlle Prunet, University of Glasgow: We collaborate with Joëlle by using cross and ring-closing olefin metathesis as a tool to generate new polymer architectures.  Visit Joëlle’s group.

Jennifer Garden, University of Edinburgh: We are working with Jenni’s dynamic new polymer chemistry group on a variety of projects including catalyst design and new monomers. Visit Jennifer’s group.

Tim Storr, Simon Fraser University: Our collaboration with the Storr group involves the cyclic voltammetry of non-innocent bis(imino)pyridine complexes and new cobalt catalysts for CRP. Visit Tim’s group.

Glen Briand, Mount Allison University: We collaborate with the Briand group on the ring opening polymerization of cyclic esters using indium complexes. Visit Glen’s group.

Michael Buback, University of Göttingen: The Buback group investigate mechanistic mysteries with a combination of lasers, detectors and extreme conditions – a powerful combination. Visit Michael’s group.

Rinaldo Poli, Laboratoire de Chimie de Coordination: Our collaboration with the Poli group involves investigation into the mechanisms of controlled radical polymerisation. Visit Rinaldo’s site.

Erlantz Lizundia, University of Bilbao: Erlantz expertise on polymer characterisation and rheology has been essential for our understanding of sustainable polymer chemistry. Visit Erlantz’s site.

Neil McKeown, University of Edinburgh: We work with the McKeown group on developing new polymers for modern water purification systems. Visit Neil’s group.

Stephen Fletcher, University of Oxford. We work with Steve’s group on testing out new monomers in ring-opening polymerisations. Visit Stephen’s group.

Richard Hoogenboom, University of Ghent. We worked with Richard’s group on developing (or rather, trying to develop) poly(oxazoline) copolymers. Visit Richard’s group.

Holger Frey, University of Mainz. We often host students from Mainz in our labs, and work with Holger’s larger group on monomer design and epoxide carbonylation. Visit Holger’s group.

Frederick Wurm, University of Mainz. We have worked with Fred’s group on new P-based monomer design and ring-opening polymerisation catalysts. Visit Frederick’s group.

Barnaby Greenland, University of Reading. Barny helped us out immensely with thermal characterisation before we got our new kit, and remains an excellent source of advice! Visit Barnaby’s group.

Polly Arnold, University of Edinburgh. We worked with Polly on testing her actinide catalysts in cyclic ester ROP. Visit Polly’s group.

Want to collaborate? Contact Prof. Shaver. We’re always willing to screen catalysts, provide expertise and expand our horizons.

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